Boston: History, Fenway, and Chowdah!

5 hours north of our home on Long Island, lies the beautiful, charming city of Boston. Boston is one of the Northeast’s most historical and fun cities to visit. Home of the baked bean, Red Sox baseball and some of the nation’s top universities, here is a list of things to do while visiting Boston:

  • See the Prudential Center

Prudential Tower

  • Get A History Lesson On the Freedom Trail

Faueil Hall


Boston (78)

Boston (166)

  • ‘Root Root Root For the Hometeam’ at Fenway Park (Hint: try and get tickets on the Green Monster!)

Boston (18)

Boston (19)

  • Enjoy New England ‘Chowdah’, ‘Lobstah’ Rolls, and ‘Oystahs’ at Ye Olde Union Oyster House


Boston (155)

Boston (152)

  • See Old Ironside and the USS Constitution

Boston (282)

Boston (241)

Boston (250)

Boston (279)

  • Sip Cocktails ‘Where Everyone Knows Your Name’

Boston (294)

Boston (297)

Where Frasier sat @ the bar

Boston (298)

  • Get Your Learn On at Some of the Most Prestigious Universities

Church in Cambridge, MA

Boston (324)

Boston (315)

Took this for Michael- Berklee College of Music

  • Visit Paul Revere’s Tomb at the Historical Cemetery

Boston (62)

Boston (61)

Boston (60)

  • Shop and Eat at Quincy Market

Me @ Quincy Market

  • See The Famous Bunker Hill

Boston (216)

  • Stop and Smell The Flowers at Boston’s Public Garden

Pretty Tulips! <3

Have you been to Boston? If not we hope this blog helps you plan your next trip there. If you have been there, what were some of your favorite things?

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