Future Travels – Where In The World Are We Off To Next?

As you all may know, we have full-time jobs, so this limits us to really only visiting a few places a year, though we try to see as much as we can by combining multiple destinations on one trip and traveling around holidays where we are already off from work. Because of this, we thought it might be helpful to outline our upcoming travel so that you will know when and where we are going in the future. We will hopefully be updating this blog on a more ongoing basis as we book our travel (’cause you know, it’s not really real until it’s BOOKED)

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UAE – What to do for a Short Visit

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the worlds playground for the rich and famous, especially the city of Dubai. If you have read my blog posts you would know that I’m not really about that type of travel. That said, exploring new places will always excite me and UAE is no different.

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5 Days in Turkey: Where East Meets West

Turkey is a country that has been on our bucket list for quite some time, so we were absolutely ecstatic when we finally pulled the trigger and booked the trip! If Turkey is not a place that has been on your bucket list, well, you should definitely consider adding it! Turkey is such an amazing place, it is said that it needs two continents just to contain its greatness. We chose to split our time between Cappadocia and Istanbul. Read on to discover how we spent our time in both those places.

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3 days in Jordan: Quest for Number Five!

Have you been to Jordan? Have you ever thought about going? What drew us to this wonderful destination was our quest to see all 7 of the New World Wonders. Petra, which is our fifth wonder so far, is located within the Jordanian Desert. Often an overlooked destination among travelers, we are glad we got to see this amazing country!

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3 days in Bogota, Colombia

Hola amigos! We recently had the opportunity to go to Bogota for a long weekend last month. We really wanted to go to Cartagena but all the flights had layovers in Bogota so we just settled on Bogota due to the short amount of time we’d be there … and boy, are we glad we did! Read on to learn how we spent our 3 days in the amazing Colombian capital.

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48 Hours in San Antonio – Making The Most Of A Long Weekend

Howdy folks! It’s been a little hiatus for us with blogging but we are back! Thanks for hanging in! Since we had a long weekend ahead and were looking to get out of the cold, we decided to spend it in San Antonio, TX! We had a great time & wanted to share with you what we did in the land of the Alamo … read on to find out!

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Valentines Weekend In Cancun – Things to do

It was February and it was cold in New York. We were itching for some warmth and Valentine’s Day was right around the corner. We decided on a long weekend trip to Cancun to get some sun, beaches and celebrate our love over some delicious tacos.

Here is a small list of what we saw, did and eat on our ‘love’ly weekend in Cancun:

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Top 10 Things To Do In Seattle

Are you planning a trip to Seattle? No? Well if not, we’ll give you 10 great reasons why you should! We had the opportunity to visit this amazing city this past July and we found a plethora of awesome things to do and eat that we are excited to share with you!

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Things to do in Saudi Arabia

This Summer I had the unique opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia may not be on top of most Americans travel bucket list, as the cultural differences and perception of a strict government can be a deterrence for some. What I can say from my time in Saudi Arabia is that even though the culture is different, I felt perfectly safe and comfortable while I was there. Even more-so the people of Saudi Arabia that I interacted with were very welcoming and polite. That said I would still advise any visitors to respect the local laws and customs, as this would avoid any chance for a problem to occur. I did not have a whole lot of time to sight see but I have included some of the things I did while there. If you find yourself in Saudi Arabia I hope this list will help be a guide to you.

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Iceland – Driving The Ring Road in 7 days

Hello friends! We have just gotten back from an amazing trip to Iceland and we are so excited to tell you all about it. Originally we had talked about doing the trip in November for my 40th birthday but given the weather in Iceland during that time, we were not sure if we could have done the Northern part so we decided to do it in late September/Early October and we feel it was a good decision. This allowed us to drive the entire ring without having to worry about roads being impassable or any other problems due to weather.

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Egypt: Temples, Pyramids, the Nile and More

Since we were not able to go on our Eastern European trip in July and were itching to get in some overseas travel, we booked a trip to Egypt, Israel, and Jordan for November, thinking surely coronavirus would be over by then.  Albeit originally hopeful (and in hindsight, probably a bit naive also), we were wrong about that, as coronavirus was still very much prevalent in most of the world. Luckily, however Egypt opened up for tourism in September, so we did not have to scrap the trip completely, just adjust it a bit. We had hoped Israel and Jordan would follow, but sadly they did not, so the trip just ended up being Egypt only.

Tourism during coronavirus is doable but very limited, as not all countries are welcoming tourists, especially Americans, quite yet. In order to visit Egypt, we had to have a PCR test within 96 hours of travel. This varies depending on your country of origin – if it’s even needed and the duration of time before the trip you need to have it, so it is best to check with your airline to find out what is required. All that aside, we had a pretty hassle-free experience so please read on to learn how we spent our 10 days in Egypt.

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