About Us


Hello Wanderluster! You likely found us because you love traveling so we’re ecstatic you’ve come to visit us here at “Saif Travels!” Our names are Sam and Jackie Saif and we’re a travel-loving husband and wife duo from Long Island, NY. Our travel journey started in September of 2015 and we haven’t looked back since. When we aren’t working our day jobs in advertising and engineering, you can find us either on the couch watching travel shows, blogging about travel, thinking about travel or actually traveling! We wish the latter could happen more often, but hey, we got bills to pay. 😉

We have a very long list of places to see. Our curiosities have taken us as far as Southeast Asia and our conquering of the world has only just begun!

How is our progress so far? Between us we have visited 47 countries.

Together, along with our love for each other, cultures, food and travel, we have come up with the idea of starting this blog. We hope you enjoy your stay. 🙂

deviderboarding Pass3We love looking forward to our next adventure and now you can too by clicking here!