A Small Glimpse of Norway

Hello, Sam here! This year I had the awesome opportunity to spend a few days in the amazing nordic country of Norway. Unfortunately I did not have much time there, due to being on a business trip, but the time I did have gave me a little tease of what Norway has to offer. (Hint: a lot).

Norway is most famous for its amazing natural landscape, most notably, for its fjords. A fjord is basically when the sea creates a deep inlet into the land. The most famous fjords are inlets that meet extremely high cliffs which provide for such a unique and fantastic landscape. The town I was staying in, Trondheim, was on the edge of the biggest fjord in Norway, but not one of the iconic ones with the high cliffs. Luckily I was able to get an awesome view of one of the most popular fjords from the cockpit of an aircraft that I was fortunate enough to be in. Is this view unbeatable or what?


My time in Norway was spent mostly working, but when I had some time off I was able to do something that I had been really excited for while I was there – fishing inside a fjord! The waters in Norway are extremely abundant, which made our fishing trip feel more like a “catching” trip. Here I am below with my catch – not bad for a beginner! 😉



Time was running out in Norway but before I made my way home, I spent a day in the charming Norwegian town of Trondheim. One very popular attraction there is the Old Town Bridge, Gamle Byrbo. The Old Town Bridge has an awesome view of multicolored houses that line the River Nidelva. After checking out the town and the popular bridge, I made my way to a small cafe and tried some Reindeer Stew. I was a bit apprehensive about trying reindeer meat but hey, I was there and wanted to see what it tasted like! When in Rome … uh Norway … right?





My time in Norway was very sweet, but way too short. All I know is I definitely want to go back. Have you been to Norway? If so where should we go when we come back?

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